About us

by Dorothea Böhm
for young people aged 14 to 30

Motivating young people since 1994!

Das JCC* JUNIOR CAREER COACHING ® is an all-day counselling programme that helps young people plan their careers and lives.

To know what you want, you have to know who you are.

I use scientific analysis to provide young people with a realistic view of their capabilities. The important thing is for them to see what they can do with their lives.

Dorothea Böhm, Psychologist
Founder of Junior Career Coaching

National and international consultant psychologist and management consultant since 1984 developer and manager of a consulting firm in Paris and Munich, known today as ECC* EUROPEAN CAREER COACHING ®.

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  • What are the young person's strengths and weaknesses?
  • How does he/she work and learn?
  • What motivates or inspires him/her?
  • How and why does he/she become obstructive, why does he/she hold back?
  • What are his/her 'life lies'?
  • Under which conditions/circumstances is he/she ready to achieve something, to make something of his/her life?
  • What are the next important steps in his/her life?


In my JCC® consulting work, I give young people the sum of my experiences and the methodological knowledge acquired during 33 years of international management consultancy, psychological aptitude testing, and youth work. I start by testing them, and then explain the resulting personal performance profile that encompasses intellectual factors as well as personal working characteristics. By highlighting individual strengths and weaknesses I can provide specific guidance and build potential reserves during the course of intense coaching sessions.


Youngsters learn to recognise their own prospects independently. Feasible career steps become visible with just a single day's coaching. Armed with this new self-knowledge and self-confidence, we start making a plan for success.


My top priority is to take aspirations and statements seriously, and to scrutinise the individual’s situation from a multiplicity of viewpoints. I highlight strengths and describe weaknesses. We identify the features and behaviours that bring progress, as well as those that cause obstructions. I explain what constitutes harm to themselves and others, how to make life easier educationally, professionally and in their private life, and where the young person is making life unnecessarily difficult. Armed with newfound confidence, we start the planning for success.





Take matters into your own hands, and be responsible for your own life.
Once you understand your potentials and your position,
you can look to your future with confidence and power.
The road to success is open and your destination is within realistic reach!



Enjoy your career!

Yours sincerely, Dorothea Böhm