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A day of JCC® career advice

The day starts at 9.00 am.

A short warm-up is immediately followed by a psychological assessment that takes approximately 90 minutes. Then we discuss the outcome, i.e. the performance profile is explained. We talk about values, aspirations, interests, targets, problems, emotions, conflicts at school/college/university/work and everyday life. My highest priority is to take aspirations and statements seriously and to examine the situation from a variety of viewpoints. I highlight and confirm strengths as well as weaknesses. We discover the features and behaviours that bring progress, and those that cause obstructions. I explain what constitutes harm to themselves and others, and where the young person is making life unnecessarily difficult. We look for tangible improvement potentials, short-term goals that offer instant motivation, and long-term objectives. Then we evaluate them together. If there is a 'life lie', we must cause it to unravel. "To know what you want, you have to know who you are." This is the objective with which I help young people gain a realistic view of their capabilities and help them understand what they can make of their lives.

I always tell young people that they are welcome to ask me for advice, even years hence - and many accept and make use of this offer. The conversations are generally intense. It is usually subtle distinctions and ways of looking at things that tip the balance and provide the decisive impetus that continues into later implementation. Self-knowledge is hard work; it is tiring and can be painful, so we have lunch together for a recap and a rest. Feedback for parents can then take place either in person or by telephone. Most join us for lunch at around 1.45 pm, during which both they and the young people are given the same information in a neutral, relaxed atmosphere. This can often provide the basis for mutual understanding and changes to the way they configure the future.

The consultation ends at approximately 3.30 pm.

My message is this:

Take matters into your own hands, and be responsible for your own life. Once you understand where you stand and what your potential reserves are, you can look to the future with confidence, the road to success is open and your destination is within realistic reach.

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