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Dorothea Böhm:

Why I began offering career counselling for young people:

After ten years as an international business consultant and management coach I felt the need for a new purpose in my work. I was advising professionals about occupational changes and helping people who were at the peak of their careers when my advice would surely have been most useful to youngsters? Providing support to young people aged 14 and up in their career and life planning was an idea that immediately suggested itself. This is work that makes use of and combines my psychological experience, knowledge of methodology, experience with businesses and executives, and my background in youth work. By providing targeted one-to-one counselling and identifying individual strengths and weaknesses, I can help young people find their bearings, and become aware of their potential reserves. This allows them to become independent, responsible, and gain command of their own lives. To be clear, I have no desire to offer traditional careers' guidance, job placements, school counselling, educational counselling or therapy. I am neither a doctor, psychiatrist, fortune-teller, or esoteric healer. My advice is down to earth yet far-sighted.

My objective is to provide critical personal guidance using sound scientific diagnostic methods. I started with Generation X, that allegedly affluent, wayward, individualistic, invisible, and secretive generation.Today I advise Generation Y, the supposedly conformist generation that, in spite of globalisation, rates home, friends and family higher than career advancement, prefers order to chaos, has no truck with the barricades of the sixties, and seeks a satisfactory work-life balance. Closer examination reveals that they are young people with strengths and weaknesses just like any other generation before them. The only thing that matters is what they do with their lives.

Dorothea BöhmDorothea Böhm was born in 1959 and attended school at the Maria Ward Gymnasium der Englischen Fräulein in Nymphenburg before studying psychology at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. During her studies she completed an internship in a boarding school for delinquent youths. Starting in 1980, she learnt about international youth work as a BJR guide for intercultural youth exchanges.

After completing her studies in 1984 she set up a psychological business consultancy in Paris and Munich, which she now runs under the name of ECC* EUROPEAN CAREER COACHING® in Munich.

Between 1984 and 2005 she was an associate of the Intelligenz System Transfer group of psychologists. She was able to acquire several companies, organisations and individuals in France and Germany as clients. Focal points: personnel selection and assessment, organisational consulting, and management coaching.

In 1994 she founded JCC* JUNIOR CAREER COACHING®, a career counselling service for young people aimed at students and graduates.

The press began to consult her on a wide range of career and life issues, which resulted in numerous publications as well as appearances on radio and television.
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