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Self-knowledge to counter disorientation

Why make an effort if I don't know what I want? "I'd love to accomplish something, but only if I find something that is meaningful and enjoyable." Many young people yearn to engage with the adult world but feel overwhelmed by having to choose a direction for their lives. In this situation, setting a young person on the right course and avoiding consequential mistakes requires first and foremost an understanding of their personal performance qualifications and capabilities. Only by knowing their precise strengths and weaknesses can he or she know what they really want. Only self-knowledge can bring about the proper motivation to make decisions about school, training, further education and career choices.

JCC* JUNIOR CAREER COACHING® is a one-day student and graduate programme for personal career planning. Developed by psychologist Dorothea Böhm to provide sound guidance specifically for young people facing decision-making situations. The test method deployed was developed by an institute of psychology in Munich that can look back on 40 years of experience in careers diagnostics. It is under constant review and regularly updated.

The effectiveness of JCC* JUNIOR CAREER COACHING® is based on the combination of scientific personality assessment and in-depth knowledge gained through professional practice. This distinguishes JCC® as a unique consulting service for young people in Germany and other German-speaking countries.

Around 950 young people have already accepted the offer of counselling. Many of them share their experiences in meetings at regular JCC® symposia. Encouraged by the interest shown by young people, JCC® has added advanced workshops to its repertoire of counselling services.

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