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100 Jahre ZONTA International
Role Model District 14


29. Mai 9:20 Uhr


Another example of dedication to profession and Zonta Dorothea Boehm / ZC Munich II

Career: freelance Consultant Psychologist, since 1984 Paris: Intelligenz System Transfer France, Business and Organisation Psychology, Management Consultant, Human Ressources until 1996 Munich: Junior Career Coaching; Potential-Analysis, Aptitude Identification, Profile Development Munich: European Career Coaching: Assessments, Recruitement, Professional aptitude tests and Profile Evaluations for Companies

1. What do you enjoy most at your work and why did you make this choice? Analyzing the nature of people; context, connection and joined-up thinking, to bring candidates in the right professional positions with scientific psycho-diagnostical methods; profiling, motivating and supporting young people to find their professional orientation/ studies/job

2. Which role models in your profession were important to you? Georg Sieber, Diplom Psychologist and Mentor taught me special knowledges in psychology, the creative and lateral thinking. Inge Mahlstedt, board member for human resources at Bavarian/ Swiss Reinsurance had the confidence in me to confide me as 25years old an important H.R. consultance. Eberhard von Kuenheim, former CEO and chairman for the Board at BMW was a true role model in Competence, Discipline and Precision and motivated my ambitions. Thanks to him I learned to communicate on eye level with VIPs in Business, Society and Politics.

3. How did you handle inequality if experienced? As colored German with Greek Nigerian origin, I had to deal with some discrimination and unequal treatment, in usual male business fields, but I did not only survive, but to managed to profit from the situation at last. You don’t have to put up with everything, but try to understand the motivation and emotions of your discussion Partner. As young woman in France I learned to gain acceptance.

4. How did you manage family life and career? With the help of Parents, Nanny, Housekeeper and my strong will to pursue my career and profession. Later I decided to do 1/3 Career, 1/3 Family and 1/3 Volunteering.

5. Your advice for young women? Learning and Reflection. Personal Relations and Networking has replaced the pure knowledge in terms of a successfull Career, but I recommend a strong all-round education, a USP-Special Knowhow, where you belong to the best. Try to understand the Connections between Society, Politics, Culture and Economics. Mentoring with Coaching and exchange of experience can really lead to a great increase in self-confidence, Motivation and Learning-progress.

6. Why did you join ZONTA? A friend of my parents recommended me to the 1996 Club President Sabine Helms, who became my godmother. After a presentation of my work and life I was accepted as member of our Club. Values, Solidarity in the club, regional and international Women-Projects and the assignment to empower women are very important and that is where I try to put all my energies.

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