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Profile of Dorothea Böhm, born in 1959

Psychology Studies from 1978 until 1983 at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich

Since 1984 she has worked internationally as a psychologist and management consultant in Paris and Munich.

In 1984 her organisation became a Jobfidence® partner institute for psychological assessments of aptitude and performance diagnostics testing.

Between 1984 and 2005 she was an associate of the Intelligenz System Transfer network, as well as setting up and managing IST institutes in Paris, France and Munich-West, Germany.

In 1994 she founded JCC* JUNIOR CAREER COACHING®, a youth career counselling service for students and young career starters aged 14-30.

In 2006 the company name was changed to ECC European Career Coaching®, and expanded into intercultural and international consulting work.

In 2014 she celebrated 30 years in the service of psychology.


German, French, English, Italian.

Memberships and honorary activities:

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